Where to start

So, you have decided you would like to welcome a greyhound into your home and have read all you can about it. What happens next?

Choosing your new family member

The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust works hard to support groups which share its philosophy of the right pet for the right home.

Before you approach an adoption group ask yourself some questions:


What is my daily schedule?

This will have a bearing on whether you can actually own a greyhound at all; whether older or younger would suit your lifestyle best and whether a quiet, gentle greyhound or a playful, energetic one would suit your household.

Have I a securely fenced garden?

Because greyhounds are ‘sighthounds’, that is, dogs that chase by sight, your greyhound may catch sight of a newspaper in a breeze and be off before you know what’s happened! By the time they stop running, they may be too far away to find their way home. For this reason, it is very important to have a securely fenced garden for your greyhound to play in.

Have I other pets?

Most greyhounds will settle very well into houses with other pets. However, as with any dog some are more dominant, some are not; some are perfectly fine with cats, some are not. There will be the perfect greyhound out there for your family; you just need to honestly assess your requirements and realise that, while you simply adore the young blue dog you saw on that website, the older black dog might fit your family better.

Do I realise the responsibility of owning a pet?

This is a very pertinent question for ALL pet owners, irrespective of whether that pet is a goldfish, a cat, a dog or a horse! Can you and will you commit to giving your pet a good life? This means a good diet, exercise, companionship, Veterinary care and love. This is very important. You can expect your pet greyhound to live until 12 – 14 years of age. Will you love and respect him as much as he loves and respects you until the end of his happy life with you?


I’m convinced! What next?

If you would like to contact the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust at barry.coleman@igb.ie we would be delighted to put you in contact with your nearest Irish Retired Greyhound Trust supported adoption group. Using a Irish Retired Greyhound Trust supported group means that you can be sure that every greyhound has been neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped and you will be carefully supported throughout the adoption process and for the first few weeks of getting to know your new pet.

Naturally, we have a responsibility to our greyhounds to make sure that they find good homes and to our adopting families to make sure that they get adequate information, support and aftercare. Therefore, we advise that you visit your local Irish Retired Greyhound Trust supported group, at first to visit and help out with walking, grooming and playing with the greyhounds. Take the time to ask questions and explore your options. Remember, the only Stupid Question is the one you didn’t ask! Be guided by the people at the adoption group, they care passionately about their greyhounds and want only that both dog and family are perfectly matched.

Once you have found out all the information you need, you will be asked to allow a ‘Home Visit’. Don’t worry! This is just another opportunity to chat and ask questions and so that the adoption group can check your garden, where the greyhound will sleep, etc...

Things To Be Checked on a Home Visit

  • Is your garden securely fenced?
  • Will your greyhound sleep indoors?
  • What will his diet be?
  • Is the chosen greyhound suitable to the family?
  • Do you need any further information or advice?


Once your home visit is done, and any necessary changes have been made (fences, etc) it’s time to arrange the Grand Homecoming!