So have you checked out our Derby match race yet? (WATCH IT HERE) A few of you have been in touch to share who you think would win in a real life match.

For Karl Evoy, there’s “only one winner, The Other Toss” and Kieran Daly agrees saying “it has to The Other Toss, trained by the best there was, Matt O’Donnell.”

Over on social media, people were also throwing in their thoughts.


Niall Redmond on the other hand thinks Judicial Pride would have come out on top and Martin Kenny then joined in to say that “Judicial Pride (would win) his final clock would probably been close to 29.00 in today's conditions, best Derby winner in my time.

But Martin has come in with not just his Derby match race winner but also his dream of a Night of the All Stars with a list of the runners he would love to see race against each other in each grade. Take a look, that’s some night of racing!

Open 350

  • Ardnasool Jet
  • Drumcrow Obama
  • Calling Spice
  • Gingko
  • Montos Mark
  • Mustangsteviegee

Open 500

  • Ballyanne Sim
  • Quietly
  • Cabra Hurricane
  • Curious Boy
  • Mineola Farloe
  • Farloe Blitz

Open 525

  • Cool Performance
  • Kings Cadet
  • Jim Joes Up
  • Tullymurray Act
  • Tyrur Big Mike
  • Ballymac Vic

Open 550

  • Droopys Maldini
  • Premier Fantasy
  • Good News
  • Judicial Pride
  • Lenson Bocko
  • Laughill Blake

Open 575

  • Westmead Hawk
  • Farloe Black
  • College Causeway
  • Clares Rocket
  • Razldazl Billy
  • Skywalker Puma

Open 600

  • Shelbourne Aston
  • Definite Opinion
  • Line Of Fire
  • Tyrur Van Gaal
  • Ballymac Matt
  • Paradise Madison

Open Bitch 525

  • Farloe Verdict
  • Marinas Tina
  • Spring Time
  • Locnamon Bridie
  • Hillcroft Josie
  • Ms Firecracker

Open 575 Bitch

  • Ballydoyle Honey
  • Ballymac Arminta
  • Kilmacdonagh
  • Kildallon Maid
  • Skywalker Queen
  • Early Talent

Open 750

  • Sparta Maestro
  • Skywalker Logan
  • Late Late Show
  • Sonic
  • Greenwell Hulk
  • Droopys Quiff

Open 850

  • Flying Winner
  • Maireads Pearl
  • Redzer Ardfert
  • Ballymac Bonnie
  • Are Nagini
  • Tradition

Upcoming Stars 550

  • Newinn Taylor
  • Rathcoole Fox
  • Ballymac Inspeed
  • Ballymac Petsy
  • Unlock Unlock
  • Droopys Curio

 What do you think?