Ian Fortune

Julie Sharp is one of the unsung heroes of Irish greyhound racing.

As the long-suffering wife to Malcolm Sharp, she was one of the main driving forces behind the Irelands Greyhound Weekly newspaper and in more recent times works alongside marketing doing design and adverts plus keeps Talking Dogs ticking over smoothly.

It also seems that Julie is a very talented lady outside her work with the IGB. It was by pure chance that it came to our attention that she is an artist of some repute. Only this week, Julie, Mal and family were up in Dublin for a night or two.

It came to light that Julie was one of the finalists in Talent Nation’s talent showcase competition which was run in conjunction with FM104. The competition which ran online for eight weeks and had 40,000 participants came to a conclusion on Wednesday night.

In getting to the final 18, Julie could be more than satisfied with her achievements, but alas she didn’t pocket the €10,000 winner’s prize. She did, however, finish top in the art category and for that she should be immensely proud. I know that all of us that know her certainly are.

The medium Julie uses is called pyrography, using an instrument aptly called a pyrography pen. It’s a technique of decorating wood by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point and the canvas she uses is a solid slab of rustic wood.

For this reason, every piece is totally unique and the results are nothing short of amazing. Each piece can take up to three of four weeks, but as you can see below, they are worth the effort. Once again congratulations Julie and keep up the good work.

Of course, it would be remiss of me not to mention that Julie does commission works and, as you can see by the picture of a greyhound below, she is a magician at bringing the subject to life.