The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust (IRGT) are hosting a Walk With Us event this Bank Holiday weekend, calling on people to join them in a virtual walk, which you can run or walk in your own time and at your own pace from any location in the world!

So far, plenty of support has been pouring in and included are many faces you might recognise, here's just a few. Thanks to each and everyone (and their greyhound friends) for their support.

If you haven't yet logged your support but would like to, it's not too late and to join is simple. All you have to do is pay an entry fee with a donation of what you can afford, post your evidence of your walk/run on the FB event page and share your success with your friends and families to encourage them to join you in reaching the 500km target!

The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust (IRGT) is a registered charity which was established by the Irish Greyhound Board in the 1990's. It works directly with domestic and international re-homing agencies in finding suitable homes for retired racing greyhounds.