The Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) has announced the restructuring of prize money and entry fees for its regular racing model at Shelbourne Park Greyhound Stadium.  The purpose of the restructure is to further promote and incentivise high quality racing at the premier greyhound racing venue. 

Shelbourne Park has traditionally been the venue that all within the greyhound community aspire to have a runner and to progress to the stages of major competitions such as the Irish Greyhound Derby.  It is also the venue that acts as a show case for the best greyhound talent in the industry.

It is important that prize money structures reflect the very important status of the venue within the overall stadia network. The prize money initiative now proposed is based on a three night schedule with race cards of 11, 12 and 12 races on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday respectively.

The proposed restructure will incentivise high quality racing from A3 level upwards and will apply at Shelbourne Park on Friday and Saturday nights. There will be no change to the existing current level of prizemoney for Tuesday night racing and the entry fee will remain at €15.

The new structure for Fridays and Saturdays will come into effect from 2nd October 2020 and is set out below:

Grade Placing Current Prize Money Proposed Prize Money
        Min   Max
AA0             1st Place     €350   €750   €1,000
  2nd Place €110   €150   €200
  3rd Place €55   €75   €100
Entry Fee   €15   €40   €50
Grade Placing Current Prize Money     Entry Fee     Proposed Prize Money
A0 1st Place €350   €600    
  2nd Place €110   €150    
  3rd Place €55 €30 €75    
Grade Placing Current Prize Money Entry Fee Proposed Prize Money
A1 1st Place €350  €20     €500
A2 1st Place €350  €20     €425
A3 1stPlace €325  €20     €400


Entry fees for AAO of €50 where 1st place is €1,000 and €40 where 1st place is €750

Entry fee for A0 will be a minimum of €30 per entry