In December 2018, the IGB commenced a consultation process on suggested amendments to the Greyhound Industry (Racing) Regulations 2007 - 2017 and Grading Rules concerning the area of seeding of Novice and Raced Greyhounds.

It is widely recognised that many greyhounds race best when seeded in a particular manner and are accordingly assigned a Middle (M), or Wide (W) Seed. This is due to many reasons such as the manner in which greyhounds are schooled, instinctive manner in which a greyhound pursues the lure and acquired track craft. Overall, the submissions indicated the need to introduce a structure that can facilitate the racing style of Novice and Raced Greyhounds which differed from the existing arrangements of assigning Middle (M) and Wide (W) Seeds. The matter was additionally discussed at a meeting of the National Consultative Greyhound Forum.


The following changes to current seeding provisions will become effective from and including May 1st 2019 :-

Novice Greyhounds will be initially assigned a middle seed by Racing Manager/ RMS rather than the current default inside seed (I), as this seeding would not adversely affect the running of a Novice greyhound in its first race. The default seeding arrangement for a novice greyhound will change from Inside (I) to Middle (M).

Greyhounds will be then seeded on the basis of their racing style i.e. railers afforded the inside provision (I) and outside runners receiving a wide seed (W).

All pre-race qualifying trials for Novice Greyhounds will record and indicate the suitability of the greyhound for seeding by way of comment entry on RMS which is communicated to Racing Officials and the Racing Public when these form lines are subsequently listed on Race Programs.

Novice greyhound owners/trainers may request a seeding arrangement for a race which would have to be subsequently approved by the Racing Manager in advance of its first race. The racing manager will have the previous trial form lines to assess the request for seeding as they will have been recorded and listed with the previous trial form lines as outlined above. Similarly Racing Officials will be in a position to use this information to appropriately seed a greyhound themselves with the information recoded on the pre-race trial form lines.

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