In order to address any queries that arise on the IGB’s statement on ‘update on proposed racing arrangements’ (24th April 2020) the following should be noted:

  • - All greyhounds will be required to undertake at least a sprint trial prior to resuming racing.

  • - The trial is an official trial and is recorded similar to all other official trials where a Control Steward and Racing Manager will be in attendance.

  • - Greyhounds eligible for racing at date of suspension of activity i.e. 24th March 2020 will not be charged for the official trial. 

  • - Novice greyhounds who wish to race over the 525 yard distance are required, in the ordinary way, to have undertaken a 525 qualification trial prior to being listed to race over this distance.

  • - The period of suspension of racing is disregarded for the purpose of calculating the 42 days. If a greyhound has two weeks on his card at 24th March 2020 he will have two weeks on his card at date of resumption and will therefore have two weeks to avail of the free trial.

  • - To accommodate Owners and Trainers, extensive Official Trials Sessions will be put in place from date of resumption of activity, to facilitate the increased  trial requirements envisaged and to comply with Covid 19 protocols

The Sprint Trial requested in advance of entry and scheduling on a Race Card is pursuant to Article 36 of the Greyhound Industry (Racing) Regulations 2007 – 2017 and these arrangements are imperative from a regulatory, welfare and integrity perspective in what are unprecedented circumstances.