This is an essay submitted as a school project by 10 year old Erin O'Dwyer in Tipperary. Erin is a big fan of greyhounds and we're delighted to share her work and her love of greyhounds. We're also delighted to report that she got a fantastic A+ from her teacher for her work. 

My Favourite Animal, the Greyhound


In my essay I will describe four aspects of the fastest dog bread in the world, the greyhound. These four aspects are (i) general information, (ii) feeding, (iii) exercise and training and (iv) caring for the greyhound.

General Information

The greyhound is a sight hound. They can reach speeds of 40 km/h. They are popular for racing and also as family pets. They are calm by nature. They love to chase but also love to lie around, especially on sunny days. Like any dog, they love affection. Some people say they look skinny, but my greyhounds look strong and fit.


Greyhounds are fed twice a day, a light breakfast in the morning and a large dinner in the evening. They love porridge and eggs for breakfast. For dinner they need protein. They get a high protein nut mixed with meat. They eat chicken, beef and fish.

Exercise and training

Erin and her greyhound both getting their exercise

Greyhounds should be walked every day. They also need to gallop once or twice a week. There is a lure on the gallop and they love to chase it as fast as they can. Greyhounds are taught to race at a schooling track. When they get good enough at the schooling track they go to the main tracks to practise. When they qualify to race at the main track, they are given a race card. Then they start their racing career.

Caring for the greyhound

Erin caring for her greyhound

Greyhounds need a good living area. The kennel should have a nice, comfortable bed.  They need fresh water to drink at all times.  They need to be washed regularly, wormed and vaccinated.  They must be microchipped, like all breeds nowadays.  They need to be checked for injuries every week and brought to the vet if they are under the weather.

Why I love greyhounds

I love greyhounds because they are cute. They are energetic but when they are tired they are cuddly. They are people dogs. I care about my greyhounds and they care about me.                 

Erin making sure her greyhound is well cared for


Thank you Erin for sharing your essay with us, we think it's fantastic. 

If there's any other kids out there who are incorporating their love of greyhounds into their school work while we are stay home and stay safe we'd love to hear from you. Email us on