Sean has shared his favourite racing memory with us. His favourite memories are centred around a greyhound bred, reared and schooled at home by his family.

They knew from a young age that Callanna Rio was a good one, and he went on to win his very first race, in Newbridge, in May 2017 from trap 6. After a 2nd victory from 5 in Newbridge, Rio graduated to A3 and so it was onto to Shelbourne Park for him and a 3rd victory, from 4, in October.

Two more wins in SPK from 1 in 28:80 and again in 3 while competing in a stake took him to 5 in a row but he was sadly denied 6 in a row when beaten by the shortest of short heads in the Final.

Race 7 saw a return to winning ways for Rio in another stake, this time from trap 2, which meant that he had now won from every trap in just 7 races. Pretty impressive. The next round of the competition he clocked 30 seconds even over 550, his best to date, taking him into the A0 grade but he was again defeated in the Final after leading until the home straight.

Sean recalls how a couple of weeks later, with plans to take him to the Longford Derby, they were getting worried he was going to clock too fast a time in Shelbourne, not something you’d hear too often. “Like he knew how fast to go”, he won the race in 28:70, staying in the correct grade by just 1 spot!

He went through the competition, clocking 30seconds twice before being baulked in the Semi-Finals and unable to make the ground needed to qualify, he ran in the Consolation Final before being just pipped at the line. Another attempt at a Final was again unlucky for Rio as he picked up an injury and was beaten yet again.

However it wasn’t all unlucky for him as after recovering from the injury he now enjoys life in retirement at home with Sean, a comfy bed (as always) and the occasional run to stretch his legs.



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