Chloe Bowen was in touch to add her favourite racing memory to the list.

“I have been going to the track (Curraheen Park) since I was about 3/4 yrs old. I’m 21 now!

Breeding, rearing, racing and retiring greyhounds are a family obsession.  

My favourite memory has to be winning the 2015 Guinness trophy with Glenbowen Diamon. He was the 8/1 outsider in the Final and it was a very foggy night. It’s a night I’ll always remember as a 15 year old, barely being able to see the race due to the fog and catching him at the pick, not knowing he got up to win and being met by a flock of people at the ramp up to the track. It ended up being the last Guinness trophy.

 2015 Guinness Trophy Final in Curraheen Park

Diamon or Ken as we called him was home bred and a greyhound of a life time. He won his second race by 12 lengths, he was a joy!

He is now happily retired in a home in Montenotte in Cork for the last year or two!

I would love to spread the word that greyhounds can go from running in the highest grade for 3 years and a big competition and still be retired at age of 4 and make a fantastic pet.”

We couldn’t agree more Chloe, thanks for sharing your story.

Video: 2015 Guinness Trophy Final

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