Ian Fortune

Julie Sharp is one of the unsung heroes of Irish greyhound racing. For many years she has aided your love for the sport of greyhound racing by providing much of the design work for the IGB, Talking Dogs and basically anything that needed to look nice.

She is also a certified greyhound nut as well as being a talented designer and artist. It recently came to my attention that Jules is getting ready for one of her toughest assignments yet. Julie, along with her friend Marie Smith, have signed up to walk 50miles – yes 50miles! – on August 8th and they plan to get it done in a twelve-hour period. It’s for a most worthwhile cause, the LARCC National Cancer Retreat and Support Centre. 

I encourage you to read a description of their work:

Cancer Support Sanctuary LARCC  is a Cancer Support Centre located in Multyfarnham, Co. Westmeath. At the LARCC Retreat and Support Centre we give psychological & emotional support to people living with cancer and their families from any part of the country. Clients experience complementary therapies and counselling in a peaceful and caring environment run by a fulltime professional staff of nurses, counsellors, therapists & admin staff with the support of a Board of Directors comprising cancer patients, their families, friends and health care professionals.
We assist people with a cancer diagnosis to cope with their illness and enhance the quality of their lives. We see our centre as a place to "Retreat, Reflect and Recover" and we provide a "safe place to talk"

Indeed, it is a most worthwhile cause and in these trying times they need your help more than ever. I’ve already donated and I’d urge you to do the same. If you can and care to donate to Julie and Marie’s 50mile challenge click on the link below.


On behalf of Julie and Marie, thank you in advance.