Owners and trainers are asked to ensure that the minimum of trial accessories are brought to the stadium.

Racing Sheet and Muzzle MUST be brought and will not be provided

Payment of any fees will be by cashless means.

The following list should NOT be exceeded:

  • - One collar and lead per greyhound.
  • - One Racing Muzzle and Racing Sheet per greyhound.
  • - One Walking Out Cover. In the event this is not required you are requested to leave in your vehicle.
  • - One pan per greyhound.
  • - One container of water/electrolyte solution per greyhound. If you would rather administer post-trial fluids to your greyhound in your vehicle after racing, then the water/electrolyte solution should be left in the vehicle with the greyhound’s pan.
  • - Petroleum jelly but only if required

Please comply with guidance and advisory instructions to ensure trails are conducted in a safe and prompt manner.

The cooperation of all in ensuring the safety of owners, trainers and staff is appreciated.