The Board has announced that with effect from 19th August 2019 the following incentive schemes will cease to have effect:

• Breeders’ incentive scheme. (a payment of €15 is paid to the breeder of the winning first-place greyhound in all races where the winning prize money is below €2,000).

• Runners incentive scheme. (a once-off payment of €800 is made to an owner that reaches 100 races at IGB licensed tracks between 1 April and 31 March of the following year and €8 for each race thereafter)

• Novices incentive scheme. (a once-off payment of €100 for greyhounds who commence their racing careers prior to reaching 19 months and complete their first five races at IGB licenced tracks).

The schemes were brought into effect to boost dog pools and to retain greyhounds in Irish dog pools. The schemes have at this point served their purpose and given the range of financial issues facing greyhound racing, the continuation of the schemes can no longer be sustained.

The financial situation will remain under review by the Board and further decisions may be required in the coming months. The Board is also establishing the Care Fund to provide funding for a range of initiatives in the welfare and care area.