The IGB is continuously reviewing its protocols in relation to COVID-19 and is acutely aware of the apparent national increase in positive COVID-19 cases in recent days.  The arrangements introduced to date, while resulting in some inconvenience for all parties, have worked well and have ensured a robust system to combat the spread of COVID-19. 

There are some issues being experienced at individual stadia and the IGB would again request that all parties would fully abide by all COVID-19 protocols and the requests/directions of staff at the various stadia.  In particular we would emphasise that where greyhound owners/trainers do not have a runner at a particular stadium that they would not turn up on that particular evening. All those wishing to attend racing but who do not have a runner on a particular night are reminded to book their admission or dining package on for IGB owned stadia or locally for private venues. Only pre-booked customers will be permitted entry. Restrictions on numbers are in place across all areas so book early to avoid dissapointment. 

We would also encourage all members of the greyhound community attending at stadia to wear a suitable face covering i.e. a face mask or visor to further improve the measures already in place. 

The IGB would seek your continued cooperation in ensuring that the high standards that have been achieved to date can be maintained into the future.